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The world of horse bet racing is an ever changing and growing online and offline business, hobby, sport, and gambling community. It has involved some of the world’s most elite socialites and celebrities as well as the common every day horse racing punter looking to place some wagers, enjoy themselves, and even pull an additional (or occasionally full time) income from horse betting.

Now, whatever your own personal goals are for wanting to place wagers on horse races, it makes no difference as every punter see success in their own light. But there are clear and profound ways to ensure that the horses odds are running in your favor for every bet that you place through profitable racing systems.

These betting system involve everything from how to obtain proper research + racing information, various horse betting terms and inside information valuable to any punter, tips and techniques on reading racing form and selection criteria, to really just about every aspect of profitable horse betting. Within these realms of valuable information lies powerful selection criteria that, if used properly, can determine the outcome of a race in the favor of the punters bet.

One of these extremely valuable pieces is the racing track conditions that the horses will be running under for any race. Because different horses will run poorly or strongly under various track conditions, it become incredibly important to determine not only what the track is like for the current event, but also how well each horse runs individually under these specific racing conditions. Here is a list of information regarding the various track conditions that can affect either a turf or dirt track prior to race time. 먹튀폴리스

Horse Race Track Conditions – Dirt Tracks

Fast (F) – horses will usually run their fastest times under these conditions, the surface will run over dry and steady to hard.

Wet-Fast (WF) – this surface will usually produce fast times but will have a slight layer of moisture over the top layer of dirt.

Good (G) – a surface that is beginning to dry but will produce slower times typically than a fast track.

Slow (S) – this surface is usually rather deep, and drying out which produces slower than a “Good” track time table.

Heavy (H) – the slowest surface condition for a dirt track horse race, thick and almost muddy top layer leads to slowest times and greatly effects favorites.

Turf (Grass) Track Racing Conditions

Firm (F) – a completely dry turf with the smallest give to it will usually produces the fastest times on a turf course racing surface.

Good (G) – a relatively firmer turf course that contains a slight bit of moisture and a bit more give under the hooves of the horses racing, produces slightly slower times than a firm track.

Soft (S) – a turf course that courses that contains more moisture than a good track lie and provides a substantial give to the weight of the competing horses.

Yielding (Y) – a turf course with a considerable amount of water and very yielding to the riders running, producing some particularly slow race times.

Heavy (H) – A waterlogged heavy turf course that produces the slowest turf course times.

Take note of the various different track conditions that are listed on the up to the minute horse betting resources to make proper selections using all of the criteria, and most obviously, race track conditions. When you become familiar with betting resources and various sportbooks racing cards + information you will see valuable notes that you will want to interpret. See the horse racing system below:

15Jly08-7Bel fst 8f (T) – this indicates that the horse is set to run on the 15th of July 2008, in position lane number 7, at Belmont Park over a fast track surface running eight furlongs on the Turf (T).

Using information like this through a profitable racing system can make all of the difference between placing profitable wagers or losing bets, either way, using a racing system drastically increases your chances of punting for profits in the long and short term.


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