Simple Decorating Ideas For Your Child’s Room

An environmental theme could be mirrored using one of the many choices of butterfly toddler bedding for the young nature lover. A superhero themed bed and bedding could be used for the little boy who loves comic books. No matter what the child’s interests may be, it’s important that theses be reflected in their own room.

Play with Patterns

Children like colors, and repeating patterns are pleasing to the eye. These two concepts can be incorporated into the design of a child’s room. The walls could be painted in two interchanging colors of vertical stripes. Make sure the colors complement each other. The colors should not be too loud or stimulating. Soft pastel colors are ideal.

Create an Illusion of Space

Children’s rooms are typically smaller. However, there should still be a feeling of space. One way to make a small room appear larger is to paint the end walls a different color than the side walls. This makes the room seem bigger. Large windows and strategically positioned lights can contribute to an airy and bright room that can be an ideal play area.

Concentrate on the Sleeping Area

The bed is the principal piece of furniture in the room. It is where the child sleeps and even plays. Arranging a bed that is comfortable is important so sheets with a high thread count and soft pillows are needed. The bed could be done in an attractive motif. Butterfly toddler bedding and other nature motifs are very popular. It is also more ideal than cartoon printed sheets because these themes are more likely to be outgrown quickly. Butterfly toddler bedding and nature-inspired themes stay with a child longer.


Kids love to acquire toys. Shelves bolted to the walls are functional and decorative. Baskets and hidden storage areas are also great. Drawers below the bed and containers under tables are good ways to utilize space. There are many unique shelves in the market. Some of them are creatively constructed to be dual purpose. Poster store

Artistic Creations

Drawings and finger paintings done by the child can be used to decorate her room. Art from the budding Picasso could be framed and hung on the walls. For a more aesthetically pleasing effect, hang artworks that contain colors matching the bedding.

Make It a Place to Grow Into

A bedroom should get the child through the years. If the decor is too childishly adorned or too frilly it would likely be immediately removed after a few years. Children grow up and mature quickly but it would be nice if some aspect in their bedroom could stay the same for a sense of continuity. They could keep something intact to fondly remind them of their childhood. This could be a comfy chair, a carved bedpost or a framed artwork.

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